When we observe our little ones, the thing that mesmerizes us the most is how much they live their lives as a continuous adventure. Everything is new and exciting and every new achievement is celebrated like we would celebrate bumping into treasure on an island.

Our children love adventures, especially in that age when they start feeling like they can do things on their own and they can’t wait to go to school and learn. They love the feeling of growing, learning and mastering something.

To help them keep learning and get inspired, we can provide them with the right apps. This would work as a healthy introduction to technology and will provide them with new content to discover and keep growing that curiosity.

As we said, children see an adventure in all of their everyday activities, so why not bring to them fun adventures through the apps we choose for them to play.

Adventure apps for preschoolers

Once we choose the kind of content we want our little ones to receive from technology, we can browse for those that present for them new adventures, unusual sceneries that would blow their imagination and make their creativity push harder.

We can find countless apps for preschoolers that introduce them to new information, but we want to make sure it engages with them and their personalities, and that are still safe, ad free and respectful with our children’s privacy.

At Comomola we loved the process of creating our adventure apps. Imagining what our kids will be excited to see, and trying to learn from their wild imagination while we came up with the different characters your child will find in our apps while playing. We wanted to create good fun and open options for them to choose and imagine while role-playing, to be a fun tiger or a bear, and play with other new friends.

We made sure to offer parents and kids fun scenarios and stories, so using our apps, your kids can go to space and find new animals and characters while learning to connect the puzzle pieces of our App Planets. This app will help them develop their sense of logic and exercise their reflexes.

But that is not the only adventure available, because they can cross the Far West on our Far West Train App, see new landscapes and make new friends while they load and unload people and merchandise. The Far West Train App will help them work on their visual recognition and exercise their memory.

From outer space to the bottom of the sea the adventures never end, because there is an oceanic challenge inside the world of our App Tap Tap Ocean. Under water, your child will help our friend Freddie to tap the coloured fishes. While learning to recognize colours and working on their fine motor skills and coordination, they will have fun imagining they are snorkelling under the sea and discovering fantastic marine animals.

Finally, we can’t wait to talk about adventures and not mention our App Pirates. Can there be any better adventure possible? We don’t think so. With Pirates your child will join a journey across the Caribbean Sea full of surprising animals and charismatic new friends. Will they find the keys that open the treasure? This App will not only push their imagination, but will also burst their curiosity to new levels.

We are proud to say that the sense of adventure is alive in all of our apps. If adventures are based on the idea of discovering new things in unexpected ways, your children will have countless great ones while playing with our apps. Because each one of the Comomola apps are not simply just one story line, but as many as your child wants to see and imagine.

As always, all of the apps we create at Comomola are designed to stimulate preschool children, and help them develop different skills, and will always be respectful with your kids privacy, and with the choice of content you have made for your child, so we will never include ads or sales inside the app.

We created our apps because we wanted the best ones for our own children, making sure that they will never lose that interest in everything surrounding them and that sense of adventure. We hope that your kids too will find our adventure apps inspiring too.