Bundles are a great concept that we learned to love in the last few years, specially since we have kids. And if you are parents you sure know why.

We consume bundles of all different kinds of daily products to save money while trying new things that might interest us. And through that we have found quite a few things that really matched our families. So we thought why not offer this same possibilities to parents out there and let them have access to more of our apps for a nicer price?

And so we did it! We chose which apps would work better together and created several fun bundles of Comomola apps that you can offer to your children so they can have more fun and discover even more new worlds.

We tried to pair them thinking about what would be more productive and interesting for different types of children and more convenient for each situations.

App Bundle: Why are they good?

That is how we came up with three different ones that we hope you and your kids love just as much as we do. Each bundles has being designed with a different idea in mind:

Comomola Complete Collection includes: Far West Train, Pirates, Fireflies and Where is my hat?. The idea behind it is to bring our most adventurous apps together for those kids full of energy and always ready to imagine new explorations so they can keep their minds awake and creative during the day. At night, after a fun day playing around, running and imagining they can enjoy the app Fireflies to finally relax, embrace bedtime and get inspired to have the best dreams while recharging for the next day.

Comomola Travel Kids Pack: Is focused on exactly that, travel. With the apps Far West Train and Pirates, they can also travel with their imagination while you all get to your holidays destination. With summer time already here, we should be prepared for long trips with our kids. There are many games we can play in the car or the plane, books we can read and songs we can sing, but is also a great and fun help to let them enjoy playing and across the Far West or the Caribbean Sea. And don’t worry about poor Internet connection, using plane mode or international data roaming charges, because all of our apps can be enjoyed offline. All on board!

Comomola Happy Pack: This bundle is formed by the apps Pirates, Fireflies and Where is my hat?. As all of our apps, they are based on the value of friendship. Where is my hat? allows 2 players, enjoy it with your best friend. Pirates will bring countless adventures for our children across the sea, and while they look for the treasure, they will come across new and fun characters that will sometimes challenge them and make them company through their adventures. At night with the app Fireflies, they will be able to relax and enjoy with an interactive bedtime story, to inspire their dreams and help those ones that might be going through a rough phase dealing with darkness or night time fears.

Comomola Family Pack: This bundle is formed by the apps Far West train, Fireflies and Where is my hat?

These bundles will give you a wider view of the different contents and goals we look for in each of our apps, and will also offer more variety to your children to have access to more than one storyline.

As always, all of our apps share the same core values we believe in: friendship, tolerance and optimism. With each of our apps your little ones will learn new things while having fun, because we believe that learning a healthy use of technology is necessary right from the beginning.

Also, all of our apps are both safe and respectful with your child’s information; we will never share any data or include any ads or buys inside the app.

Our Comomola Bundles are available on the App Store. Find more about them on our website http://www.comomola.rocks and join the Comomola family!