As our children grow, the way they learn and the way they have fun changes and evolves with them.

When they hit the mark of 4 years old a lot of thins will start changing, and for the next 2 years countless exciting things are going to happen and new doors open. This time is known for the beginning of cooperative playing, fine motor skills and self-responsibility.  

Also at the age of 4 our kids begin developing more consciousness about past present and future, and awareness of their own behavior.

This means that our children begin also developing not only multiple independent activities that from now on they can maintain and do on their own, but also they begin to develop empathy, which helps them distinguish the good from the bad.

As parents, we continually support them in this process on perfecting their physical, social and emotional skills. But have you considered technology as an extra source of help at this age?

Apps for children between 4 and 6 years old

Apps can provide many interesting ways to help your kids at this stage.

We were mentioning before that at this age your children begin to do activities on their own, so it is definitely important to encourage independence by allowing them to do things on their own. Playing by themselves with the right app, helps them focus on an activity and find their own ways individually to solve a problem, understand the difficulties and whether or not they make the right decisions.

In that same line, its important to boost their creativity, and again the right and appropriate app, can help a lot. You will find many options in the market right now that will help them developing the skills right for their age, that is why it is important to share with our kids the right app for their age.

Beside their age and stage in life, as parents we should also care about our kids’ personality. At the age of 4 they are already their own little person and have specific interests and personal characteristics. Not all the children learn the same way and not all the children like the same exact things, therefore if we can find an app that meets their interests and connects with them, they will take a lot more from it and will feel comfortable playing with it faster.

Playing with apps also help them to learn dealing with frustration. While playing with apps we can see if we have meet the goal. If we don’t, we know we can try again, make an effort to focus and finally get it. In that process, our little one will have to deal with the frustration that comes along a failed attempt. Learning that, and specially learning to get over that feeling and try again will help them to be more consistent and committed to the goals they set for themselves in life.

At this age range as well, our children are learning the consequences of acting by impulse and therefore they learn to control it. Playing with apps can be very precise, and might require a good control of their fine motor skills, an impulsive movement provoked by impatience or frustration will have a negative consequence, and in order to continue playing they will have to control that feeling and keep going, As a result they will see that actually when they control their negative impulses, things start working again.

Of course, the best reason we can find to bring 4 to 6 years old to the right apps is to keep them updated and used to technology. These new generations are natives when it comes to technology, and it is much better for them to learn how to use technology right and in a healthy way as soon as possible.

At Comomola we have plenty of apps that we have curated and designed with kids in mind, creating different options so they can have fun while learning. You can find them all on our website