The younger our kids are the more we worry about choosing the safest and best options for them, because after all, we are helping them shape their own taste and criteria. When it comes to technology, the question is the same, what is the best app for my little one?  What are the best apps for preschoolers? When our kids are still preschoolers discovering the world around them, how do we make sure we are choosing the right apps for them?

But there is more to it, we also want to make sure that we provide our little ones with quality screen time. What is that? Quality screen time is the amount of time we let our kids spend playing with technology that doesn’t make us feel guilty as parents because we know it is still good for them.

Apps for preschoolers

Apps for preschoolers

Lately, experts have been focusing more on the quality than on the time. This means that is not so much about how long we let them spend time using technology, but the quality of what they are watching, and how much the content they are absorbing is going to help them in their learning process.

It is also widely known that the technology young kids use, should focus on educational, age-appropriate content. Devices should be age-appropriate, sturdy, and easy to manipulate.

But regardless of what experts might say, it is only normal that we second-guess ourselves and wonder if it is right that they just sit around all day and stare at a screen, and that you can’t control what they are actually learning or playing with. But does this really have to be true? The answer is no. Those fears are only true when we as parents are not in control. Actually, using the right apps will give you more control on what they have their eyes on. TV can introduce content that you cannot foresee: ads, teasers, hidden messages… while the right apps will guarantee you that your kids will only have access to the content you chose: the actual game, and won’t invite them to buy or ask for any other product, because it is ad free.

Also, apps are mostly based on an interaction, while TV will most likely not request any action coming from our kids. The right apps will encourage our kids to actually play, so the content won’t just be displayed, but it will be discovered through the game as our little ones have fun with it.

When it comes to quality content, it is important to choose apps that are specifically designed for the age of our little ones, because those will focus on their learning skills and will be adapted to their particular level of understanding. We should also make sure that we choose apps that as we always say, will allow our little ones to learn while they are having fun.

As always, regardless of the time that we let our kids play with technology, or how much we trust the apps we have chosen for them, it’s important that we always stay close, supervise their game and help them use technology correctly.

As parents, we have gone through all these concerns and more, we want our kids to have fun while they learn as well, so we did our own research and created what ended up being the best app we could think of that would be safe, fun, and educational for our children at home and yours too.

Right now on our website you can find different apps for you to choose knowing that they are curated to support little children’s learning process, while we make sure that they are having fun and exploring using their imagination.

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