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5 Reasons video games improve kids

Played in moderation can be beneficial for children. As parents, we are very concerned about the dangers of video games rather than their benefits, this is normal, but these games are an undeniable reality as part of children's entertainment, so perhaps the best thing is to learn to incorporate them into family leisure. Video games [...]

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I buy Apps.

I buy Apps. Yes, I confess, I buy apps, and books, and also movies, ... even music! I have the strange habit of paying for the content I consume, although today there is the possibility of getting virtually all the content of the world for free, I find some important arguments in the fact of [...]

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5 ways music education benefits kids

Most education experts agree, music education, and especially at very young ages, is a very powerful tool in the early stages of children's development. Music is a universal language that offers many benefits in the education of kids, playing an instrument, learning to read music or understanding what is behind a song, activating many areas [...]

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5 Benefits of educational apps for kids

There is no longer any doubt that the applications of our mobile devices make life easier in many aspects, its use is increasingly widespread and it is already difficult to imagine in a world without these tools. The power of these applications has also burst with great force in the world of education, not only [...]

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