Sleep time can be a struggle sometimes. It is not easy for our children to give up the excitement during the day, and to relax and go to sleep and recharge for the next day. There are countless techniques to ease them into a calming, and relaxed mood to prepare to fall asleep, but why not also consider using the technology available today to help them learn a good and healthy habit that is relaxing to go to bed and have some good quality sleep time?  Why are they good the bedtime apps for toddlers?

If singing lullabies, telling bedtime stories or having some soft ceiling lights have always helped us to sleep since the beginning of time, how could technology not do all that even better? Well it can, combining all those old school techniques in modern apps that will make your life as a parent a bit easier, and your little ones’ bedtime easier as well until they finally fall asleep.


Bedtime apps for toddlers


Right now there are plenty of apps on the market available for parents that sing lullabies to help them fall asleep, or create white noise that is supposed to mimic the sound they use to hear of actual life from the womb. There are many different options that might adapt to your kids’ preferences, but sometimes as they get a little older, it’s nice to have something they can watch or do a little more to help them relax and go to sleep.

But as always, the key is to find the right app for our kids, and observe them interacting with it, and see if it works and what and when is the best moment to use it.

Bedtime apps for toddlers

We too as parents had some difficult nights putting our toddlers to sleep. We are very well aware that kids need good sound sleep to ensure proper body and mind development. Therefore we observed our own children, and what were those things making bedtime sometimes a little bit harder for them. It can be fear of dark, or just wanting to play a little more. So we came up with the idea of creating an app that would put together all the different ways we usually tried to put our little ones to sleep. And that is our app Fireflies: an interactive bedtime story that kids can use to overcome the fear of dark with silhouette games, and get in the mood to sleep with soft lights and calming routines.

Why are they good

Through this experience, kids will discover new animals, and sounds; all in a calming setting that will help them create a good and healthy habit of going to sleep. Kids will look forward to this moment of the day, to enjoy the last little moments with you before they fall asleep.

Also because Fireflies has various stories, it won’t be boring or old soon. Kids will experiment with new settings that will keep it interesting and exciting for them. All the stories are intuitive, and it’s the child who sets the path every time they use Fireflies.

Like in every of our apps at Como Mola, Fireflies is safe for the youngest ones of the house because they are add free, they are all stand-alone game that guarantees a secure environment for them.

If you are interested in getting to know more about Fireflies, you can check our website here. All of our apps are available at the App Store and Google Play.