Finding the right app for our child is not an easy task. Once we know how important it is to help them connect and understand technology in a healthy and safe way, we want the first things in their hands to be safe and educational. Apps are most likely the best option, but how to choose the right one that would both be fun and attractive for our kids, and also teach them new things and help them grow and be inspired and creative?

We know, the market of apps for children is massive and the options are countless. And how do we know? Well, we are parents too, so we also did the digging and tried many options for our little ones to find the right educational and fun app for our children.

We knew we wanted an app that would be safe and educational, and of course fun for them. We believe that the best way to learn is to do it while you are enjoying it and that is what we had in mind while sorting the many different apps for kids.

Finally, we decided to jump in and create the apps we wanted for our own kids, so we focused on our main values: friendship, tolerance and optimism.

Furthermore we knew we wanted each app to help children develop new skills and learn new facts and information to grow their world and feed their creativity and imagination.

Each app presents a different challenge for the little ones, and develops a story to introduce them in a new and fun world where they can learn while playing and use those new skills in every other area of their lives once the screen time is over.

Our app Comomola “Planets” presents the always-beloved game of puzzles. But is not just that, beyond the classic interaction of finding the right piece for the puzzles it is also about recognizing scenarios and connecting ideas. A rotatory of puzzles moves and the little ones will have to guess to which environment each animal belongs. With “Planets” children will not only discover new animals and places, but they will also stimulate their logic and exercise their reflexes.

Comomola “Pirates” is an app of adventures; children will sail the Caribbean Sea in search of the treasure. It is an app to boost their imagination, discover new things and awake their curiosity. It is simple and intuitive and allows the child to choose his or her own adventure, giving them freedom to explore.

Comomola “Far West Train” is an app that sets a new a fun scenario: the legendary Far West. In it, children will ride the train picking up characters and merchandise and discovering new landscapes while they develop their visual recognition skills and exercise their memory.

“Tap Tap Ocean” is our Comomola app for the youngest ones of the house. With one finger, little children will touch the colored fish while avoiding the jellyfish and squid. “Tap Tap” is a fun and colorful game to help them develop their visual recognition and reflexes.

At night Comomola “Fireflies” will help them enjoy and make peace with bedtime. It is an interactive story app to overcome their fear of the dark and help them fall into a good night sleep.

And last but not least our latest and most innovative app: “Where is my hat?” This app is full of new features, as it allows 2 players to enjoy together, as well as adapting to the level of each kid playing. Playing “Where is my hat?” children will have to recognize the hat or accessory in the different characters showing up, and catch them before they disappear. While playing with “Where is my hat?” children will develop their visual perception, cognitive skills and their ability to focus.

On our website you will find more information on all of our apps and their commitment to be both educational and fun. Read it all at and make the best choice for you and your family.