Yay! After a long, long winter, spring is finally here and we couldn’t be more excited. It is a great time for children to get out of the house and discover the outdoors, play, exercise and get some sunlight.

It is also a good time to devote to the family. Being able to go outside means more plans and more occasions where every member of the family can be involved. It is a good chance to bond as a family and create great memories.

You probably have guessed already that at Como Mola we love spring; the colors of nature, the blue skies and the sunny days. So here we share with you some of our favorite plans to do all together as a family.


Family plans outside

Family plans outside

  1. Plan a park day

With the sun coming out more often and the temperatures rising a little, we can start planning full days at the park. Prepare a nice picnic, bring some blankets and don’t forget some toys that will engage some physical activity and that allow everyone to join and have fun; a ball is always a good idea. The options are endless and your family can have their own rules. It’s all about being together and enjoying your family.

  1. Check out the stars.

You all might need a jacket for this one, but it is such an amazing way to learn together and have a peaceful and beautiful time together. You can cuddle as a family, talk and connect as you look at the stars. Your children will love to learn more about the constellations and maybe catch a shooting star and make a wish all together. Also it is a nice way to spend some relaxing time before they go to bed.

  1. Plan a Treasure hunt.

In your garden, at the park, or pretty much everywhere, you can create a treasure will small coins and funny jewels (maybe even their favorite snack) and hide it somewhere. Organize a treasure hunt, make up a story, and let their imagination take over the whole family, follow the clues, play roles and share the treasure with the whole family. Team-building while you make memories as a family? Yes!

  1. Do an art project.

This can be as full an experience as you want to make it. You can all enjoy a walk together around your area, pay attention to details, observe and comment what you all see and what caught your eyes, and then go home and let that inspiration come out. Get involved as a parent as well, paint with them, color and get dirty! Its sunny outside so you can always bring the materials to the garden or your terrace and make it even more fun. Don’t forget to display your art work, it’s a great representation on how special each member of the family is.

  1. Fly a kite.

Yes, spring can get windy, and some days are not as beautiful as others, but you can always make the most of it. If it is not super sunny, or if the wind is blowing in your city, bring everyone’s jacket and a kite and run outside to see it fly. All kids (and adults, lets be honest) love to fly a kite. Learn to control it and make a little competition to see who is the best “kite driver”.

  1. Plant something.

What better time to teach our kids how nature works than spring? It is important for them to see where the food they eat comes from. So take some seeds, beans, or little plants and create your own little green house. Get everyone involved and according to his or her age give them their own tasks. Whatever you plant will grow thanks to the effort of the whole family, and that is the most important message.