Bedtime can be a challenging moment for our children at different stages of their development. It is very common that at some point of their young lives they may feel scared or simply not happy when it is time to go to bed.

There are many reasons why children might not be happy about going to bed. Sometimes they are just scared of the darkness and feel insecure about those things they can’t see or shapes they can’t recognize.

In some other cases, the problem comes with separation, as they don’t want to be left on their own, and they associate bedtime with a moment of solitude.

Many other times, kids are just having fun or still feel like they have way too much energy to go to bed already (although they might end up falling asleep in just a few minutes).

The Bedtime Story App

Regardless of what the reason is and how much we might find it unreasonable or impossible to solve, it is important to help them navigate this stage and learn to embrace the time to go to bed.

As parents, we understand that this can be a difficult moment to deal with for both parents and children, so we wanted to come up with a fun tool to help parents support their kids during bedtime and turn that time of the day into a moment they will be looking forward to.

So with that in mind we created Fireflies, our bedtime story app. We personally love to use it with our own kids, and we are happy to hear that it is working for other families too.

Fireflies is designed to create a soothing and happy atmosphere for our children’s bedtime, with soft sounds and fun characters that would help our little ones feel happier and relaxed during the time before going to sleep.

This app works as a simple and intuitive bedtime story. Your little ones can play with the interactive characters, guess the soft silhouettes that appear at night and let them be part of the entertaining stories the little friends will share.

It is great too if your kids are starting other languages or are actually raised bilingual, as the voices on the app are in Spanish, English, German, Swedish and French.

For those kids that might be a little bit upset with darkness and night time, by using this app they will learn through the different little characters that there is not reason to be worried or scared; and for those kids that always want to find out something new, the app will show them new characters and fun facts that will keep them inspired and their curiosity alive.

As you can see, there are many reasons to love our app, Fireflies. It is not just a game app, but also a fun activity to do together with your kid at night; a moment to share and bond together before they close their eyes to rest for the next day.

Our little ones definitely love Fireflies, and it has helped us going through different stages in which our kids were not especially in love with bedtime, so if you are going through a similar situation with your own children, or you simply want to bring in a fun and creative new bedtime story, Fireflies is definitely a great option to keep in mind.

As always, our Comomola apps are safe for kids, as they can be used offline and do not show any ads in the app. Also, Fireflies or any other of our apps will never ask any personal information about your child, so their privacy will never be on the line.

You can find more information about Fireflies and all of our Comomola apps on our website Fireflies is available in both App Store and Google Play.