Negativity seems to be everywhere around us, and that is not surprising, just watch the news, open a newspaper or simply walk around and pay attention to people’s most common comments. You will immediately notice that most of the comments fall in a negative and defeatist mood that has been normalized in today’s society.

It is easy also for us as parents to fall on the loop and end up having a negative attitude. But the truth is that being negative also makes you sad and miserable and holds you from pursuing your dreams.

So as parents is only normal to be concerned of whether or not are we transmitting that negativity to our little ones. Luckily, the answer is not to hide them under a rock to avoid that negative noise in our little one’s life, actually it is about learning to navigate it the right way.

How to raise an optimistic kid

To make sure that your children end up being optimist in a world of constant negativity, here is our best advice.

  1. Put things in perspective

When we watch a tragedy on the news or hear people’s cry or complaining, we have a complete understanding of what its going on and the full message behind it. But our kids don’t necessarily do, which also means that they are not really living it as a negative experience. So don’t worry just yet, there is no need to create a protective bubble for them, their childhood innocence does the job for us.

  1. Bring up the positive things in life

Set the example, you want your kids to become positive people? Then be a positive person yourself.

Every day there are multiple good opportunities to focus on the good things, so have it as a habit and a fun exercise to count every day all the good things you have and ask your kids about the best thing of their day or their hopes for the next one.

This will help them to always try to find the positive side of things, even when it is not what they wanted or any sort of disappointment. At the end is about teaching them to live by the saying “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”.

  1. Teach them how to recognize negativity and fight it

As much as we might try, our children will encounter negative people through their lives that will try to bring them down. Mean comments from bullies will happen, but also negative comments from fake friends will happen too, and we want to make sure that they recognize that kind of attitude to choose the people in their lives carefully.

It is just as important to teach them to face negativity and confront it, not with hate or anger, but with intelligence, and most of all communicating about it. Reporting a bully and not being afraid to do so, talking to you or anyone in the family about how those mean comments make them feel so you can think about a solution together as a family.

Same thing with cyber-bullying, talk to them about it when the time comes and explain them what it means to receive a negative comment even if it is anonymous and how important it is to raise their voices about it as soon as it happens.

  1. Raise them in kindness so they influence other people

This is about believing in change. If your kid is kind and positive to other people and strong when negativity comes towards him or her, they will influence other kids, and that is the change we need in the world.

  1. Disconnect and enjoy time together as a family

Sometimes the love and protection of our family is right what we need. Allow that safe space in your home too every so often, where there are no devices spreading bad news or aggressive language and have some fun enjoying each other’s company to nurture that sense of positivity and happiness before they get out to the real world again. Understand it as a way to charge their batteries (and yours too) to remember what and who matters the most and bring a big smile in their faces.

As we said, our kids won’t be positive people because we protect them from negativity, but because we can teach them how to process it and make situations better for themselves and the people around them.

As parents we have the privilege to raise our kids to be that inspiring people we all hope to bump into in life. Enjoy this opportunity, raise happy people!