With Summer already here around the corner, we start planning trips already, we might be going just a couple hours away, or we might have to take a long haul flight for our upcoming vacation. Regardless of how long is going to be the trip that we have in mind, if we are travelling with kids, things can get complicated.

Being quiet and in the same spot for quite a few hours is complicated for most kids to say the least. So we wanted to bring today some ideas to do with them on a trip to make it easier for both you, and your little ones.

Ideas for a long trip with children

  1. Drawing

Drawing while waiting or travelling is always a classic, it might be a bit more complicated in a car, but you can always give them small white-boards that they can erase easily and just a few colors to use.

A color book and a pencil case with colors will always save the day when there are long waits or during flights and train trips. It will keep them entertained and active while staying in their seat, and will give you some freedom to read or just relax a little.

  1. Magnetic activities

Many airlines do provide this kind of magnetic games, and they do it for a reason, they work. You can get your own or reuse them for any other trip. Because the pieces are magnetic the classic problem of them falling during the trip disappears. They can play by themselves, with their siblings or with you. And again, this is another activity that requires them to stay sit to play, which is all of us main goal during a trip with children.

  1. Bring snacks and drinks

Sometimes our children just get fussy or anxious when they are thirsty or they are hungry, Waiting to stop in the road or for the flight attendant to deliver the food might be a little to much at some point of the trip. So to help them calm down make sure you bring some of their favorite snacks that will keep their bellies happy and can also be presented as a reward for behaving so good for the first part of the trip.

  1. Classic singing or guessing games

We all remember being with our parents in the car singing on the way to our vacation or just playing “I spy” to make the trip shorter.

That still works. Obviously singing with our little ones on a plane is not an option, but we sure can play guessing games. It will be fun and it will also make them feel the attention that they need from us.

  1. Movies

Planes and trains have them, just make sure you have some earplugs that will fit and be confortable for your children. You can also load your own tablet with his or her favorite movies to guarantee some quiet time for everyone. Once the movie is over they can share their thoughts about it with you and also draw their most beloved characters and color them.

  1. Apps and games

The market is full of fun options for kids of all ages to find an app that might work for them. As parents, we want to make sure we choose precisely the right app for our kids just as much as the rest of the things that we bring to them. It is important to keep in mind the quality of the content, it needs to be fun, but also educative and stimulating, so they can continue creating their own stories with what they learned through the app.

It is equally as important that we make sure that the app we choose will work offline, otherwise might find ourselves with a useless tool in the middle of our the trip.

Also, we should be 100% sure the app we are using will not show any “unwanted” content while our children use it. No ads or anything similar.

All of our apps at Comomola meet those values and more, and will keep your kids entertained while they have fun and learn. So you too can enjoy the trip.

You can find more information about our apps on https://www.comomola.rocks/ . All of our apps are available on App Store and Google Play.

Have a safe trip and enjoy your holidays!!!!!