Children are naturals to our high technology devices. Whether it is smartphone’s or tablets, they all seem to know exactly what to do. They are designed to be ergonomic, intuitive and attractive; so it’s only normal that they are attracted to them and also feel comfortable using them. But is it safe to leave our children with a smartphone? Should we allow them to use them? Some people even question the fact of whether or not we should even use Smartphone’s around young kids.

The questions that are raised are logical. The Internet gives us huge access to a lot of things not appropriate or difficult for our kids to understand, but our devices give access to a larger part of our personal adult lives.

On the other hand, the Internet and especially apps, have a lot of knowledge and specially developed content to help our little ones learn new things as they grow, and prepare for the world that is coming. So, what is the right thing to do? Well, as anything in life, the answer lays in finding a balance.

As we said, there is a huge amount of great content specifically made for kids that is accessible on our smartphone. It is an extra learning layer beyond the classic methods, and way to start getting familiar and understand the technology they will use in the future. Besides, it is a great source of music and a window to the world! While the decision later on to give them their own device might be complicated, there are ways that will make us feel more at peace while our little ones are playing and learning while using a smartphone.

Every child is different, and no one knows our child better than us. So we will know when is the right time for them. But in the mean time, there are a few things that will make us feel more comfortable when letting them interact with a Smartphone or a tablet.


To keep in mind for children with a smartphone

is it safe smartphone children

Activate parental-control.

There are many different parental-control apps that we can use and activate while they are on the smartphone’s. These will filter the access to inappropriate content and most of them we can customize, by limiting the time they can play, limiting the access to other apps on the smartphone our kids are using, or control the Smartphone from another device.

Limit the time.

Again, balance is key. There is a moment for everything and its healthy to control the time we spend on the same activity. When it comes to the length of time they spend playing and learning on a smartphone, we should set a time and when its over substitute with a different activity that will involve different skills, playing outside, dancing, reading, drawing… at the end of the day, that is how our life is too. It is also crucial to lead with the example. If they see us engage in different activities, they will learn to find that balance through us.

Content is what makes a difference.

Today we can find plenty of kid-friendly content available on our smartphone. What we will have to do is choose the right content and message for our kids, according to their age and interests. And also, it is just as important to learn to distinguish between educational and entertainment-based content.

We should look for games and activities that engage our kids, and help them develop their thinking skills with activities that they will love like memory games, puzzles, spatial reasoning activities.

And this is how we have designed our apps, each one thought to help the young children learn while playing. They are curated thinking about them, and learning from them. Check out our website to find more about them and choose the one that you like the most to enjoy with your kid.

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