We know that all our children love playing with puzzles; it is always an entertaining activity that challenges them right from the beginning. For them it is a fun way to learn a process, recognize shapes, match colours or ideas and the best is that it never gets old, because they can always start over and try to do it faster.

Physical puzzles can be complicated to carry with us sometimes, so having the option to use them on a app that is always available for their play time is a plus when we are considering offering them too on a digital support.

At Comomola we are very proud of our puzzle app Planets. We worked really hard on creating the best puzzle for our children and yours. We observed our own kids while they were playing, focusing on what entertained them, what things were helping them to learn more, and what kind of challenges were they mostly looking for while playing. All in all, as always at Comomola we are deeply inspired but our children’s natural creative freedom while they are playing and letting their imagination fly.

With all this in mind we came up with Planets, an app with vibrant colours, oriented to the younger kids of the house to help them develop their motor skills to be more precise while they have fun with our fun animals and friends.

Perfect Puzzle App for children

Planets works as rotating puzzles where your children would be able to discover an infinite amount of planets. In each one of the puzzles, they will find a rotating planet with missing pieces that they will have to pick and place in the right spot and at the right moment. Each planet brings new surprises, animals and friends, so it will always be engaging and new, because the content changes and evolves with them as they play. Also, throughout the game, they will win new figures that will come in surprise boxes when joining the big families of each planet.

As we have mentioned before, every planet is different and has a different topic and different animals and characters living in it. As the planet rotates, our child can choose amongst the pieces above and choose the one that works for the open spot passing by on the rotating planet. The background colours, or the ground that the different characters are on, will give them a hint of which one is the right spot in for each piece. This way, our children will have to use logic and actually concentrate on the puzzle to solve it while they have fun.

Once they place a piece in the right spot, the character will react, making the experience more fun and complete for our children.

Planets literally open an endless collection of new worlds to the youngest of the house, showing them different characters, climates, animals and forms of living. So it is not only about learning to do a puzzle and recognize the right context for each piece, but they will also learn about the type of animals in each area, their sounds and will help them imagine new characters to stretch their imagination.

As always in all of our apps, Planets is the safest app option for the little ones of the house, once it is downloaded it doesn’t need an internet connection to work, and does not show adds inside the app; so your children will not be teased to buy or consume anything else besides the game that you have chosen for them.

At Comomola we don’t want to substitute the classic games, but to complete our children’s experiences and learning process taking the best of the most educative games and bringing in the new technology to create a fun and exciting option to guarantee great quality content app for their designated screen time.

Planets, and all of the other Comomola apps are available both on the AppStore and GooglePlay. You call also find more information and samples of Planets or any of the other Comomola apps on our website by clicking here.