Today is almost impossible to live our life without our phone right beside us. We use our phone for way more than just calling; it is a source of information, entertainment and for many of us is essentially like carrying our office with us everywhere.

We can’t deny that it is an amazing advance, but how good is it that our office is right beside us at every moment of our day?

It is easy to get hooked by the sound of our phone when a new mail comes in, a message or some sort of news hit our screen, and we think that it would just take a second and it is no big deal, but as a matter of fact, we are essentially choosing to prioritize our job or any random conversation or piece of entertainment before our own real life.

This is an issue to think about carefully, especially when we have little ones that look up to us and will reproduce and copy every one of our movements. As we said many times before, as parents we need to teach with the example. So if we want out little ones to grow and not be always in front of a screen, we need to show them that life is more than checking our phones and TVs and create some safe environments for them, and actually for the whole family.

Places that families should make phone-free

That is why we suggest to every family to make these following places phone-free, to allow conversation, different forms of fun and relaxing to feel confortable with just the company of each others.

  1. The dinner table

When we say dinner table we mean any time that you eat a meal together with your children. This is a time that you all spend together facing each other for a while, is a good moment to share about your day, the peaks and the lows and to be open about how you feel.

Creating this phone-free (actually screen-free) time as a routine will be great as well in the future, when your children grow and communication might be a bit more complex, if that is a fixed tradition in the family it will always be a granted space and time to communicate.

  1. The car

We all know that text and drive is a big no-no. But again this is a time that you all HAVE TO be together, meaning is a time to use to talk and open up. Sometimes for children and teenagers is easier to talk in the car because they feel freer since the parents are usually facing the road. So just get used to leave your (and theirs) phones aside and enjoy the ride together.

  1. The bedroom

Yes, you probably know already that having your phone beside your bed might disrupt the quality of your sleep. But it is again about communication, is the time you have finally the two of you together to talk and reconnect after a long day and maybe tons of children’s talking. So take care of your physical and emotional health and set your phone on airplane mode aside once you step into the bedroom.

  1. Family time out

Because our phones now have amazing cameras, it is easy to be tempted to have them in our hands at all times when we go out as a family for a little trip, a vacation or just a fun day hike or at the park.

Sadly the truth is that many times we will take the phone to take a picture and then we will be swallowed by some notification popping up on our screens.

Therefore, as much as possible, keep your phones aside or make an actual commitment to not check on it while you are all enjoying some good quality time together, you might be missing a fun moment that won’t happen again.

  1. Reading time

Reading is an activity that we should devote our full attention to in order to not be distracted and enjoy it 100%.

It is a great example if our little ones see us set our phone aside and fully devote ourselves to a book, as well as when we are reading with them or to them, make sure that the phone is not close to us so it doesn’t buzz or lights up and takes our child out of the moment.

All in all is about enjoying the time that we have together, and creating a good healthy relationship with technology for us, and for our family.