Its Halloween! It’s time to be scared … and to have fun!

You can enjoy the trick or treat and the scary costumes, and of course we can enjoy some time to play with the funniest apps with Halloween theme.

Top 5 Halloween Apps for kids:

Halloween- Where is my hat?

Its Halloween! Our tiny friends have prepared all their costumes for the scariest party. Now all the fun of “Where is my hat” in its spookiest version.
Enjoy this fun game of visual perception for the whole family!

Double the fun with the 2-player mode on a single device! Challenge your parents, siblings or friends without the need for Wi-Fi.

BabyLit Frankenstein Build and Play

Build a monster (a friendly monster!), dress him up, and bring it to life!

Just in time for Halloween, BabyLit Frankenstein Build and Play introduces this iconic story to young children (ages 3-6, although everyone enjoys making creatures!). The lab helps you make, dress, and customize your creatures, and then play with your creations.


Monsters Tinybop

Make the silly scary monsters of your dreams!

Turn shadows on the wall into fun, funny, wild, or wily creatures. Give them googly eyes, tiny arms, too many horns, spotted tails, or sparkly fur—any assortment of fantastical features that you like.


Toca Boo

Did I scare you!? My name is Bonnie and my family loves to spook! Do you want to scare them back? Follow me and I’ll show you how!


Sago Mini Monsters

Create your own colorful monster! Make your monster happy with paint, food, and decorations. When you’re finished, snap a photo to share with mom and dad. Make as many monsters as you like. Each monster is unique.