It has only been a few weeks since we launched our latest app and we couldn’t be happier about the welcoming feedback we got for “Where is my hat?

It feels great to know that we created exactly what our kids and their families needed and had in mind for the screen-time.

We definitely heard a lot of reactions about how positive and useful about the fact that now the little ones can use the 2-player option to play with their parents and siblings. There is more interaction and fun when they can react with another person about what they are playing together and we are so so happy about this. We wanted to give families the possibility to have fun together while playing with our apps and we feel like we made it!

Where Is My Hat: First Opinions

Another interesting thing that we heard from our Comomola families is how much they have noticed the fact that the game adapts to each kid’s level. As you might already know, “Where is my hat” works with an algorithm that understands how good and fast each player is, so it adapts to that and keeps the challenge going so once the little ones of the house get faster and better at recognizing the characters that are wearing the hat or accessory proposed, the game gets a little more fast and complex so they can get faster too and not get bored.

We feel like everyone has also noticed the crazy number of new friends and characters showing up in this app. We always work hard on each of our apps to bring fun characters that will keep your children company and interact with your kids while they play, but on “Where is my hat?” there are many new characters and some surprise ones that add fun to the game trying to make it more difficult.

We design each one of our apps with different skills in mind, so they can learn and grow as they play, and when we created “Where is my hat?” we knew we wanted to present an app that would help them develop their visual perception and also learn to stay focused on one activity, so kids could start working on their concentration skills while having fun.

We feel like the best way to learn is through a fun and creative activity, and that is what we bring and our main goal with all of our apps. So when we created “Where is my hat?” we did it knowing that we wanted to help their cognitive development and also their interaction with their environment.

As we heard the first reactions to the game from the parents we got really happy, because they seemed to have found in “Where is my hat?” a fun, educative, and social app for their little ones, to start their interactions with technology in a healthy way.

As always with all of our Comomola apps, this is a single-pay app, we will never have adds on any of our apps, so it is safe and respectful to you and your kids. Also, your little ones will be able to play offline to avoid any undesired risks.

We are also not sharing or keeping any information about your children, so you don’t have to worry at all about your little one’s privacy while they are playing with “Where is my hat?” or any of our apps.

Remember that you can find more information about “Where is my hat?” and all of our Comomola app in our website and that “Where is my hat is available on the AppStore and Google Play.

So let the fun begin! And let us know your thoughts and comments, we love hearing from you!!