Our children are continuously developing important skills that might seem like small steps in their lives but that will definitely have a huge impact in their future.

Visual perception is one of those skills that can have many extraordinary consequences and impact in their lives and that as parents we can definitely help them develop. This is why we created “Where is my hat?” our new app that reinforces this specific skill amongst others and that will become a fun tool for you to help them improve it. But first things first: what is visual perception?

WHERE IS MY HAT: How visual perception is important for children

What is visual perception?

Visual perception is in the root of cognitive thinking and the ability of reasoning. This is a key skill for their right school development and their learning process for reading and writing.

How can visual perception be stimulated?

There are many ways to stimulate visual perception in our kids, and games are definitely a great option when they are still little to help them recognize differences and understand what they mean and what to do about them.

At Comomola our goal is to create fun and entertaining content that is also educational, so technology becomes a tool that they can use to continue learning while enjoying playing. With that in mind we created “Where is my hat?” an app based on the concept of developing and using visual perception to play.

During the game, your little ones will have to identify the different objects that will show up and know what to do with them. This exercise will help them learn to stay focused on one activity in order to avoid mistakes and differentiate smaller details on what they see as they grow up, so the skill will become stronger and more refined with time.

These kinds of visual perception games help kids to go from just looking at something to understanding what they see. Being trained in this process will make a huge impact when they start reading, because they will go from seeing just drawings and lines to understanding they are looking at letters, knowing they are different from each other, to connecting the sounds and the meanings of those letters to building words and reading them.

How does our little one’s visual development work?

By the time our kids hit the ages of 3 to 6 their visual development is completed. Their eye muscles get strong enough to make both of their eyes work together and become coordinated so they can get ready to start writing and reading. To help them in the process, we can include games that will stimulate their memory, visual recognition, and spatial identification.

We should remember when we do so to make sure we propose to them a game that is adapted to their skill level, so they don’t get frustrated and engage with the game. Also, so that it will still be a challenge as they grow and their visual development gets better.

“Where is my hat?” is designed to make those visual development exercises fun. Your little one will enjoy playing with the fun characters and all the costume pieces and hats that will show up in the screen, finding the right ones and catching them on time.

Also, since they can play with someone else, as a team or competing, they can learn together how to get better. The challenge will continue to help them refine this important skill, as the app learns from their game and adapts to their level, so as they get better the app will go faster and more complex.

Download our new app here: https://apple.co/2OA4o6F