If you haven’t heard already, we have a new app at Comomola, and this one is a game changer. We are super proud of “Where is my hat?” for all the cool new features that will definitely change the way you and your little one’s see technology. WHERE IS MY HAT? How the app learns about how you play

We have talked before about the fact that this new app allows a multiplayer option and the importance of social gaming when it comes to technology, especially with young kids. But today we want to talk about another very important and special feature of “Where is my hat?” how the app learns about how your little ones play.

Yes, this new app learns from how your children play with it, and adapts to his or her rhythm while playing, as different kids have different levels of skills development: Where is My Hat? has been developed as an Smart App.

WHERE IS MY HAT? How the app learns about how you play

How the app learns about how you play

This is not Artificial Intelligence, but an algorithm that allows the app to understands your child’s level and adapts to it, so he or she will not get frustrated if the game goes too fast or bored if the game goes too slow. Also, the app evolves as your little one gets better at playing with “Where is my hat?” so it recognizes the changes and keeps them up to guarantee that the game is still interesting and challenging and to help children work on their visual perception skills. We builded an Smart App for your kids!

The fact that the game learns from each player and adapts to their level and evolution is great for different reasons: First, it means that not only your child will feel comfortable playing and still challenged to become engaged with the game, but it also means that the life of the game is extended, as it will get more difficult and complex as your child gets older, so it will always be fun and exciting to play individually or with other kids with the multiplayer function.

Also, as we mentioned before, the app adapts to each of the player’s level, which means that it can be shared amongst sibling of different ages that have different skills and enjoy different levels of complexity when they are playing with “Where is my hat?”. The Smart App perfect for your children!

And we understand that this algorithm to recognize each player’s level might raise some concerns and questions about your children’s privacy and how much of that information is shared with third parties, how much of your kids’ data is out there. The answer is simple: nothing, zero. At Comomola we never share any personal information of your kids because we simply don’t require it to play and enjoy our apps. And with “Where is my hat?” that has not changed. The app does not keep the data of each time your little one plays, what it does is that it learns from each time someone plays with it, so it quickly adapts to the speed and ability of that specific player.

At Comomola we believe in the necessity and excitement of pushing limits and making apps always fun, as well as more useful for your child’s development, but not sacrificing any of our core values, so when we decided to present this new feature in which the app learns from the player’s game, we knew we needed to make it in a way that we were not creating any collectable data that might be used by anybody, because the safety and the privacy of children always comes first for us.

You can find more about “Where is my hat?” and all the new features and improvements this app brings with it on our website: www.comomola.rocks. All of our apps are available on the App Store and Google Play.

Download our new app here: https://apple.co/2OA4o6F