How many times have you wondered whether letting your little one play with technology was good or not? It is a fair question to ask ourselves as parents because it can feel as though our child is isolating him or herself instead of interacting with other kids or the rest of the family.

At Comomola we are parents too, so we heard and felt that same concern, and as much as we strongly believe that it all depends on the use and the way we introduce our children to technology and how we arrange that screen time for them, we wanted to come up with an option for all of you as parents and your kids to make playing with technology more social, and physically interactive. That is why we worked really hard to come up with Where is my hat?” our new app that allows 2 players in the game.

WHERE IS MY HAT: Social gaming

Having this multiplayer option, your little one would be able to play with or against a friend, a sibling, or you, which would engage them in a social activity that can be as fun as they want to make it.

Since “Where is my hat?” adapts to your kid’s rhythm while he or she is playing, it can be a competitive game when your kids are older, or it can be a collaborative game amongst the two players when they are little and still starting to develop the necessary skills. Which is great, because it gives them options and allows them to continue playing with “Where is my hat?” as they grow and their skills develop with them.

Because the app allows two players, your children, their friends, and you, can rotate and as we said, you can make that interaction as fun as you want, so for example, every time their turn comes up, they can do a fun trick or a little activity before they start playing again to turn it into a more interactive and physical game.

Social gaming is an important concept for us at Comomola, we want to prove that apps can be part of a social game and involve more than one person, that it can inspire a game and a communication amongst kids and that technology, if it is used the right way and with great content, it can make a difference and help our kids on their way to become the best version of themselves.

Learning from the beginning to use technology in a healthy way, and linking it to the idea that it can be social and a way of interaction with other kids and family members, can make a huge difference when it comes on how our little ones will use technology in the future.

We are sure that all kids will enjoy and have fun playing together with “Where is my hat?” Whether it’s in a fun competition or playing together as a team, but for those times when they want to practice on their own, they can also play in single player mode and enjoy and get better at it so they can be faster the next time they are playing with other children.

At Comomola we are very proud and happy to offer an option that allows social gaming and all the fun options it brings along. As always, we keep creating the apps we would want for our own kids, and this definitely was something we knew that needed to be out there.

You can find more about “Where is my hat?” on our website: and on the App Store and Google Play.