As parents, we ask our children to pay attention constantly.

Although we heard that growing up constantly, it is hard to remember how difficult it was sometimes to pay attention when our minds were somewhere else.

For some kids specially, it can be a struggle to pay attention and focus on one single activity. Paying attention means being fully aware of what is happening before us, and being awake and focused enough to react and respond to whatever stimulation happens related to that activity.

The easier way to explain this would be paying attention in class, which would require us to be fully awake, and focused to be able to respond the teacher’s question as soon as it is asked.

But paying attention also means to be oriented and fully aware of where we are, and what it means. It is understanding the situation we are in and what it requires from us.  In a class for example it would mean, understanding that we are there to learn and when and how should we interact during the class.

Lastly, paying attention also means being able to manage possible distractions and make sure we prioritize our attention and focus on the activity we were performing initially.

As we said, for some kids it can be complex to go from playing and doing sports (activities that involve more than one of our senses and a wide range of brain activity) to just sit still and focus on a book or just one simple activity.

Why gaming apps can help your kids to develop their attention

The positive side is that we can train our little one’s attention ability, and help them work through it to make it easier and more understandable.

Right now there are several research programs that are focusing on studying brain training and the possible options to help children (and adults) fight any lack of attention challenges.

Many studies point out to the positive impacts of activities that help us focusing on them by involving more of one sense. This means that for example, it is easier to focus on watching the news than maybe reading them because it involves our visual sense and hearing sense.

In that line, educational apps for children, are also becoming an interesting option based on those principals, as a right children app should present the children a challenge or a task that needs to be done, so the brain activity is not given (as watching cartoons could be) but it demands from them to find their ways to solve the “problem”. It also involves a visual activity, as well as hearing and touching that will also help them develop their fine motor skills.

All of our apps at Comomola are designed from an educative perspective, always involving the child into an adventure to discover new things, adapted to their age and proposing a little challenge to help them learn the magic feeling that we get when a mission is accomplished. Each app presents a new setting and a different kind of game that inspires their imagination, a new adventure in a different part of the world to discover new things and learn while they have fun playing.

You can choose the app that best adapts to your little one’s personality and liking and share it with them to help their brain get used to pay attention to one single activity and understand what it involves and requires from them.

As always, there is no such thing as a magic solution, so different activities and exercises are involved in helping our little ones to train their brain to be more focused and pay attention when it is needed.

As they grow, that same principle can be applied to any other sceneries, since it will very much help them to understand previously where they are, what do we typically do in that place, how and what would be the focus of our attention in that particular place.

Sometimes we forget that our little ones are extremely stimulated by the world they live in, and might not understand sometimes where they are and why reacting in a specific way for example in a dance and music class is ok but doing the same at the theatre or a concert is not. As parents we can guide them and use as many tools as we consider appropriate to give them the privilege of focusing on what is important when they need to in their life.

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