The current app market is definitely full of options when it comes to games and educational apps for children, so it is not easy to choose the right one that will match our kids ages, skills and needs. And specially the ones we feel confortable letting them play with.

At Comomola we are parents too, and precisely for that reason we wanted to make sure that we came up with an app that was fun and educational, but that was also safe for our little ones. We essentially wanted to create that app we would want our own children to play with.

We decided that the best inspiration we could find was at home. Our kids, their endless creativity and the freedom their little minds enjoy, pushed us to design our apps to make them not only fun, but free, so they could create and imagine their own stories. We wanted them to be excited to play with them while we were happy too, knowing that the apps were fun, safe and educational.

To achieve that goal, and create the perfect app for our little ones, we knew we needed to make sure we were delivering a product that was clean and safe for children to play and that parents could trust. That is why, all of our apps for children don’t involve a third party, so your little ones will never find adds, or teasers to buy anything inside our apps. Every one of our products are individual and enough for your children to enjoy.

Why to choose our apps for children?

Also, and just with that same mindset to create a safe and clean product, none of our apps involve any data sharing. So your information and your children’s information will be safe with us.

But the most important thing for us and the one that makes us the most proud is that they are so much fun! We wanted to engage with them with colorful and understandable content that will make them enjoy that screen time, but that would also stimulate them to learn new information and new skills.

Each of our apps for children at Comomola are designed to work on a skill and a context, from the Far West to the bottom of the ocean, each of them have a main story that invite the little ones to create their own and imagine and learn while playing.

Playing with our apps they will definitely learn playing with a animals, friends, and different surprises. But they will also be working on their fine motor skills while they drag pieces of a puzzle playing with our app Planets, catching bubbles playing with Tap Tap Ocean or hoping on the Far West Train App.

As we said, each app is and individual story, and they will help you as parents to find tools that will help them to work on other skills: associating content, memory and even learn to get over their bed time fears using our app Fireflies.

At Comomola we believe that learning is always an easier and stronger process if it is associated with having fun. And playing while learning is rewarding. Realizing that they have chosen the right piece or that they moved the right way encourages them to want to do it even better and continue learning in every aspect and context of their young lives.

We too as parents are very much aware of the need for limits for screen-time and how scary Internet’s content can get for our kids. That is why all of our apps can be played off line.

For us it’s important that our children get familiarized with technology while they also grow up playing outside, reading books and imagining fantastic worlds like we all did. That is why we decided to design the best apps for children to make sure that the screen time they are allowed to have is spent doing something fun and educative, so they are happy, and we are happy too.

You can learn more about us and our apps on our website

And download any of our apps there on Apple Store or Google Play.

We hope you and your kids enjoy our creations just as much as our kids do!