Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is more than a legal requirement, it is an honest intention to develop products that protect children and their playing environments to create a safe experience through the game.

No ads
Comomola apps do not have any third party ads.

No push notifications
Comomola apps do not contain push notifications.

No integration with social media sites
Comomola apps do not contain any integration with Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media sites or services.

No Internet connection required
Comomola apps do not require an internet connection to work but some apps may try to access the internet to send and receive small amounts of data if you have an internet connection.

No personal information from children is collected
Comomola does not collect any personal information from children. Some of our apps do use Unity Analytics. We may collect device information, like IP Address and device identifiers, as well as events completed or actions taken within the game, including level information. This data help us to improve our service and our apps.

Unity Analytics helps us to understand how our apps and games are used. For more information visit

Comomola apps and services are developed in accordance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)

If you have any questions about our apps or privacy policy, please contact us at: